Introduction to the LMS365 Partner Program

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At LMS365, we believe in forming solid partnerships by creating mutual value and being stronger together. We like to think of our LMS365 Partner Program as the perfect win-win situation. By supporting and empowering you as a partner, we not only enable you to boost your business and sales figures. We also boost our own. In this way, we grow our partners while they grow us.

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 Find the best partnership option for your and your organization


Easily refer customers to LMS365 and receive commissions on their new sales. 

Value Added Reseller 

Generate LMS365 leads by bundling your services with LMS365. Receive commisions on new sales and renewals establishng a new, reoccuring revenue stream for your business 

Technology Integrators 

Connect your technology to LMS365 providing additional features to current LMS365 customers and net new customers

Our Focus is on the Future — How LMS365 Plans to Be a Global Leader in 2023

In 2022, LMS365 ended the year with $19m in annual recurring revenue. Customer growth increased 30 percent, with more than 2,400 new organizations using our platform. Our social engagement was up, too: we brought in 50 million impressions and more than 1.4 million users worldwide. “The business grew 68 percent in a downturned market where many other companies were laying people off. This means we have a solid product, and we are where we need to be,” says Rasmus Holst.

Hear more from our CEO, Rasmus Holst, discussing our success in 2022 and how we are supporting our 2023 growth here.

Take your sales figures to new heights 

Did you know?  The LMS market size is expected to grow to 22.4 billion 2023. 

LMS365 is on the forefront of learning innovation. We’re a privately held software company established in Denmark in 2003 with offices in Europe, Australia, and the USA. With millions of users across 60 different locations, we create great learning experiences for companies of all sizes in every industry – delivered through our strong network of 50+ partners worldwide

Step by step. Sale by sale. Our partner program is designed to give you and your customers a flawless take-off and flight. With an assigned business manager and success manager, we’ll be your wing-men throughout the entire journey.

Expand your portfolio 

By joining the LMS365 Partner Program, you get the chance to add learning to your portfolio – to capture new customers and increase the stickiness of existing ones. When partnering with LMS365, you get to provide your customers with access to a smooth and state-of-the-art learning solution within their existing and familiar Microsoft 365 environment.

LMS365 is the only learning platform that plugs right into Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams – meaning that it works in exactly the same way as your customers’ existing Microsoft platform. There’s nothing new to learn. Only new benefits for both end users and admins. 

Ready to get started? Download our Freemium product today

We highly recommend you download our Freemium product to test drive and explore all our features. This process takes about 15 minutes and only requires your Microsoft Global Administrator.

View our Installation Guide video here.

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LMS365 Trust Center 

Technical and business resources to answer your most frequently asked questions with regards to our GDPR Compliance Statement, application and operational security, authentication, the data that we store in LMS365, privacy, data handling security, data access, and encryption.


The LMS365 API enables integration with a host of third-party applications. Explore our API here and review our most popular integrations below:

Partner Portal

LMS365 Partners gain access to our comprehensive Partner Portal with the ability to easily register leads, manage pipeline and access co-brandable marketing materials.

In addition, we provide end-to-end product training to get you and your team up and running quickly. 


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